Benefits of Go365

Father and child eating healthy meal Father and child eating healthy meal

Go365® is an employee wellness program that can work wonders for your company. Customize the experience to help improve your employee health and wellness. Our recently completed five-year study shows the benefits you can expect for employees when your company teams up with Go365.

We can save you and your employees money. The study showed a 22% decline in healthcare costs, or an average $116 savings per member per month by the fifth year.


Employees who engaged with Go365 ate more fruits and veggies. By the fifth year, more than 28% of engaged employees reported eating 5 or more servings of fruits and veggies per day.


Time spent exercising also increased for employees who used Go365. In the beginning, only 36.2% reported exercising 150 minutes or more per week, but by the end of the analysis, 61.6% of those employees reported 150-plus minutes of exercise per week.


Members with higher engagement in Go365 had fewer emergency room (ER) visits and 55% fewer unhealthy days than members with low engagement in the wellness program. Unhealthy days are days when employees are absent or, if physically present, not working at full performance.


*Healthy Days are a measure created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: